Monday, 20 April 2015

Welcome to Room 3's Blog.

Our class has changed quite a bit this term. Some students moved through to Room 8 and 11 more students have started this term.
Today we wore black to support the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup final. 
Go the All Blacks!!!!!

Last Friday six students moved through to Room 8, so now we are back to sixteen students. Look at us, some of us dressed in yellow for Daffodil Day. We also made daffodil headbands.

Fifteen of Room 3's students moved to Room 8 and one left. On the first day of the term eleven new students started, so now there are only eighteen of us.

As part of Samoan Language Week Piwakawaka1 made tapa patterns. We each did a little oblong (rectangle) of pattern, then we put it together to make one big tapa in the school hall.

We maybe the smallest in the school, the class with the smallest numbers but we are the class with the biggest heart.

Today we made some cool cat hats. Meow, Meow, Meow!


  1. Woohoo go Room 3 - looks like you guys have had a busy time at school so far! Keep up the great work.